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Interracial dating still taboo

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Rick and Michonne isn't even the show's first interracial relationship.

But we still live in a pop-culture driven society where some networks are still slow to come around.Save for "The Wire," the big TV dramas, post "The Sopranos," have mostly been void of racial issues.Some of that has to do with several dramas being period pieces like "Game of Thrones," "Mad Men" or "Deadwood." Other shows stay hyper focused on plots involving drugs ("Breaking Bad"), politics ("House of Cards") death ("Six Feet Under").Because "The Walking Dead" is a show about humans vs.zombies, the post-apocalyptic world is somewhat colorblind.When Rick and Michonne became a couple, it was something fans didn't see coming.

After all, it was never hinted at in the comic book.

Some readers have been critical, such as the man who contacted Folan to say, "My problem is, just because you cannot handle a strong black man, why are you trying to sell your choice so hard to other people?

" Many, however, have embraced Folan's advocacy of interracial couples.

As of 2010, just one in 10 married couples identified as interracial with the U. Attitudes towards interracial marriages have also changed.

A 2013 Gallup poll showed that 87 percent of people approve of black-white marriages. There may not be a tangible way to tell if TV has had an effect on those numbers.

Earlier this month, Karyn Folan's book, became available in bookstores. Among them: the stigma left over from the days of slavery; fear of backlash from family members; concern for biracial children; and the sense that they may appear self-hating because they have chosen a partner who is not of their race.