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After all that was said and done, your first date was the movies most times or dinner.Or if you had a nice truck, you'd ride up and down town talking with your classmates.

And if we don't like them, we never have to see them again.. I often find myself living in a fairytale land trying to find that perfect person who matches up with EVERYTHING in my life. I know this for a fact as I am an avid "World Of Warcraft" player.Conversation and interaction are what allows a person to get to know a person.I can tell you grass feels on your feet, but you'd never know the feeling unless you took off your shoes!You let him know you where you would be going an what you'd be doing.He of course would give you the once over and ask you about guns, hunting or possibly just try and look as intimidating as possible.You'd continue to see eachother and things would naturally be official that you were a couple.

Everyone would know as well, cause you'd always be together in the hallway at high school or be seen on the weekends. I'm sure in most small towns, the dating game in this aspect was very similiar.

The anonymity of internet dating has afforded con artists a new playground for scams, and has allowed people to be anyone they think you want them to be because they are engaging you primarily through the written word." Now to come to an end..

Do you feel that the internet has helped or hurt us when it comes to finding that special person?

But more people just means more diversity and more differences. Part 1: I think as technology grows, we as humans and people will grow apart even more. This could be great because I don't have to feel like i'm settling with someone and I have of a choice. I think this puts you in the mindset of being able to move on without even caring.

Our lives are filled with so many gadgets and add ons that we don't have a need for eachother anymore. its as simple as pointing, clicking and posting to fill that void. It allows us to meet an increasing number of people in a short amount of time without much effort. I think a large number of people who date online are addicted to it for that reason. Mainly because a person has the ability of being or portraying themselves as anything they'd like.

New members are joining as you read this, guys and girls who are looking for someone like you! The more details you provide the more accurate your matches will be.