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Intimidating persona

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This has been the case with Persona in general, but it’s genuinely refreshing to buy into the hype and not be instantly punished.It may mean you’re less familiar with its broader approach and mechanics, but the characters and narrative are all new.

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His affinity is with the Emperor Arcana, which grants him use of Seimen Kongou, his starting Persona.Successfully do away with a foe and this will be reduced, but continually making mistakes will fill it entirely and your time in the dungeon will end, forcing you back to reality.Related: It’s a great way to introduce atmosphere to each skirmish, and most scraps do play out in a particularly entertaining manner.Night-time is reserved for crawling through these threatening locations, but when the sun is up, you have to go to school.That means working a part-time job, taking tests and choosing who to hang out with.Although it make take a while to adjust if you’re new, combat soon becomes commonplace and has the depth and challenge required to ensure it stays interesting from start to finish. Persona 5 will never rival Hitman in the sneaking stakes, but it certainly does add a needed twist to each battle.

While you can just run in like a loon and thwack an enemy on the head, you’re much better off taking cover before sneaking up unawares.

Available on PS4 (version tested) and PS3 For those unfamiliar with the series, Persona 5 is intimidating.

Even the title isn’t the most evocative for casual gamers.

Celeste had worked in plenty of offices and this sunny, new look was a welcome departure from that world.

It’s time for you to have an editor on call whenever you need one, minus the six-inch heels and intimidating persona.

Set in Tokyo, you step into the shoes of a young boy who’s starting at a new school after falling into trouble with the law. Continuing with themes from previous entries, it soon transpires you have the ability to explore a bizarre alternate reality where nothing makes sense.