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Is billy corgan dating anyone

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It doesn’t mean I respected people who tried, it doesn’t mean I don’t respect people who invested, it doesn’t mean I’m not empathetic to people who rebelled.

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The question is, has Corgan gone from harmless reality-star-level-insanity to purveyor of toxic ideologies, and what should we do about it?People get used to running their little kingdoms, they couldn’t get behind the bigger vision, so we let all of the affiliate programs lapse.There’s no more NWA affiliates, so whenever you hear ‘NWA’ it’s basically whatever we’re going to do from center out.We haven’t worked out the specifics yet, but we will hopefully be a weekly show that anybody can watch, anywhere in the world for free behind no paywall.We’ll start signing talent and start running our own shows.there’s plenty of things to hype, but if they don’t come true, we don’t want that sort of adversity coming back on the NWA.

So, here’s the thing: we’ve been talking to just about anybody who is in the market for wrestling content, and there’s still a healthy interest in the NWA.

The album he was referring to was "Other publications gave him roughly the same semi-positive score, yet in Corgan’s mind it was a criminally underrated masterpiece.

In this interview, Corgan even questioned whether his legacy has ever been treated fairly by the biased mainstream media.“If young Billy had gotten the credit he deserved, when he deserved it, then things might have been different,” he said. Remember when Corgan printed “Fuck Anderson Cooper” shirts after Cooper poked fun at him for posing on the cover of Paws Chicago with his cats?

Or how about when he launched the kooky spiritual website Everything From Here To There?

How about when he tried to take down Courtney Love on Twitter (“Thought #1: my face is my face, my heart is my heart, my money is my money.

It’s a content company first, and that’s how people are able to run live shows if they have television, without television you can’t do much of anything of anything at all as some of the affiliates learned. again I don’t mean it disrespectfully, people are trying to pick a bone with me because I don’t want to continue their version of the dream.