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Is prachi desai dating tushar kapoor

The actor has said that he will forever remain grateful to Ekta for giving him the role of Rishabh Bajaj. She did the unimaginable with the rotund Ram Kapoor in their current flagship show, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.

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It’s always nice to see this kind of loyalty between a mentor and his protégé.On the occasion of her 38th birthday, Mens XP enlists 7 actors who were launched by the woman herself.Vidya was launched by Ekta Kapoor when she was just 16.And no surprises for guessing, it was Ekta’s convincing abilities that made her say yes to the role of Bani. Ekta unabashedly admits her biasness towards the perky actress, as she considers Prachi her blue-eyed baby.Prachi made waves with her first Bollywood film, Rock On and owes her success to Ekta.I am an actor, so why on earth would I shy away from doing a scene if that is an integral part of the script? Prachi admits that it is not the time to impose any restriction on a filmmaker.

“I don’t think in putting any restrictions on the filmmaker. They have put their trust in me and I believe in giving back my hundred per cent to the director,” she adds.

Their friendship was rumoured to have gone kaput, however, all seems to be sunny now as Anita is all set to make her comeback with Ekta’s Ragini MMS part 2.

Sushant can be considered her hottest discovery till date.

Not to mention, Ram is also among the highest paid actors of television, all thanks to Ekta’s support.

Friends or foes, these TV stars will always look up to Ekta Kapoor.

It was reported before that Prachi had put her foot down when she was asked to smooch Tushar Kapoor in the film “I have never put forward any such condition to the director.