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Larry page and marissa mayer dating

The character was also romantically involved in the series with two of other housewives: Edie Britt (Nicollette Sheridan) and Susan Mayer (Teri Hatcher).Karl died in Season 6, Episode 11 (If...) after injuries sustained when a plane crashed into Wisteria Lane during the Christmas Festival.

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Later in the series, Karl asks Edie to marry him; however, when Edie learns of their sham marriage, she demands that Karl propose to her and throw her a lavish wedding.Andrew backchats once more but Karl grabs him by the cheek and says that if he doesn't stop blackmailing Bree and not giving her the respect she deserves then he will take care of Andrew himself.Bree overhears from the kitchen and lets out a sigh of relief.It is made obvious that Karl is still in love with Susan, as shown by several pictures of her that he secretly keeps around the house for him to look at from time to time.Later Bree Van de Kamp hires Karl to stop her son, Andrew Van de Kamp from blackmailing her.Karl and Bree continue their affair during the first part of the sixth season.

Karl decides to propose to Bree during the annual Christmas party, even hiring an engine plane with a banner behind it with the message "Will you marry me, Bree? Karl shows up in the party and tells Orson about the proposal and the two get into a fight in Santa's Workshop.

Susan however brings Mike along to the next class and makes herself and him dress up in order to impress Karl, where they both lie and say they have a party to go to after and that Mike now owns his company however Susan becomes disappointed when Mike mentions he was in rehab.

When Susan confronts Karl, he tells her that Mike is a good guy and he'd be better for her then he ever would.

After making some guest appearances during the first season, Burgi joined the regular cast in the second season.

However, he returned to his guest starring status from the third season until his character's death halfway through the sixth season.

It is revealed in the next episode that Karl died from his injuries from the crash.