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Liquidating a small business

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When Sports Authority was bought by a hedge fund 10 years ago, it was the largest sporting goods retailer.

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“We didn’t realize you could do this for a living,” he says.If the IRS finds fault with the ROBS arrangement and voids it, all of the rolled-over funds would become taxable distributions, forcing the individual to pay back taxes for every year since they filed the initial ROBS transaction, plus a penalty tax.“Most small businesses can’t survive that,” Bode says.We both just looked at each other and said, Failure’s not an option.We’re going to make it work no matter what.” The bank where Suzie worked had just been bought out, and Todd, a commercial pilot, wanted a schedule that wouldn’t keep him away from home so much of the time.When it filed for bankruptcy in March, the company said it would close only 140 of its 450 stores.

But when it failed to reach a deal with creditors and lenders, it announced it would sell all its assets.

Having hundreds and hundreds of thousands in my 401(k) and liquidating that made me nervous. “I keep my personal and business expenses completely separate.

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“We have had failures, and that’s standard in small businesses,” Nilssen says.

“No matter how you plan this, there’s going to be risks to any investment.

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