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At her plant, which was about as long as four football fields and connected to a separate birthing barn, she was one of 12 to 15 workers tending nearly 1,000 pigs each, which is par for the course in these places.Employee turnover was high and the morale rock-bottom; the animals paid for it in blood.

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“That’s why we’ve come forward: People need to fight while there’s still time,” says Sarah. But there’s a decent way to raise animals for food, and this is the farthest thing from it.” Two springs ago, Sarah hired on with a breeding barn called Wyoming Premium Farms, a sprawling monolith in flyspeck Wheatland, population 3,641.“The workers were so stressed that they beat the sows during the weaning process and moved ’em back to the breeding barn,” Sarah says.“Some moms would resist and these guys would just pounce, three or four kicking and punching a sow at once.You just know this is going to fun by taking one look at Johnny.Once he starts moving and the two of you get to know each other, you’ll achieve an entirely new level of pleasure.Like anyone who’s spent much time working farms, she’s functionally built through the thighs and trunk, herding pregnant hogs who weigh triple what she does into chutes to birth their litters and hefting buckets of dead piglets down quarter-mile alleys to where they’re later processed.

It’s backbreaking labor, nine-hour days in stifling barns in Wyoming, and no training could prepare her for the sensory assault of 10,000 pigs in close quarters: the stench of their shit, piled three feet high in the slanted trenches below; the blood on sows’ snouts cut by cages so tight they can’t turn around or lie sideways; the racking cries of broken-legged pigs, hauled into alleys by dead-eyed workers and left there to die of exposure.

(The word “garbage” isn’t proverbial: Mixed in with the grain can be an assortment of trash, including ground glass from light bulbs, used syringes and the crushed testicles of their young.

Very little on a factory farm is ever discarded.) Save the occasional staffer who becomes disgruntled and uploads pictures of factory crimes on Facebook, undercover activists like Juan and Sarah are our only lens into what goes on in those plants – and soon, if Big Meat has its way, we’ll not have even them to set us straight.

All lost their positions at the farm; five paid modest fines and were placed on probation for six months.

But Perry entered a plea of not guilty, and later was employed at the barn where Juan found work.

Sweetland trains and runs the dozen or so people engaged in the parlous business of infiltrating farms and documenting the abuse done to livestock herds by the country’s agri-giants, as well as slaughterhouses and livestock auctions.