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Tourists gathered to observe the activity surrounding the women.After filming a few scenes together, the group split up and individual cast members went their separate ways.

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name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=202532#202532 penis growth pill; p=248912#248912 premature ejaculation; BB2/viewtopic.php? p=51676#51676 premature ejaculation cure; BB2/viewtopic.php? As you know, male cast members aren’t paid a dime in compensation — particularly during their 1st season on the show.Original cast member Kim Zolciak, who returns to season 10 part-time, also stayed home in Atlanta to tend to her large brood of children.kicked off season 10 with a girls trip to Barcelona, Spain.

Ne Ne (blonde ponytail) joined cast members Cynthia Bailey, Marlo Hampton, Kandi Burruss, Shereé Whitfield, Porsha Williams and newcomer Eva Marcille.

New cast member Eva Marcille, pictured left, is dating Atlanta mayoral hopeful Michael Sterling.

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