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As for the legal terms of Shopify Payments, these are just that; legal requirements of our banking partners which we are not in a position to debate.I understand your position here, especially with regard to the language used in this passage of the terms; but again, these are legal documents with requirements behind them which we can't alter.

She simply writes, “Send me $5, see what happens.” That’s right, instead of using the app to find a date, Archer is using Tinder to scam money off gullible men, Buzz Feed reports. The student reveals that as soon as she matches with a guy and he inquires about the cryptic fee, she encourages him to send the money via Paypal.If Shopify can't get off their moral high-horse and refuse to take our money, the least you could do is point us in the direction of a processor to use instead of your whole list of processors.On a side note, it's absurd and offensive to those of us who run legitimate adult products companies to be lumped in with child pornography content and illegal sexual services vendors: https:// Sexually-oriented products or services categorized as: Hi guys!Some men have even offered her more - she says the most she’s ever gotten from anyone was $10.“Some men get creepy and assume if they offer a lot more, like hundreds, something will actually happen, which of course it doesn't,” she told Buzz Feed.Now I'm in progress of company registration, and will try opening a Pay Pal for the company under a hired person's name - and see how it goes.

My logic: if no mentioning of your website/product is transferred from Shopify to Pay Pal during the transaction - then you're safe, and Pay Pal won't be able to do anything about you.

Hope this helps with these types of sales, if you have any other questions, just let me know!

Cheers, Liam Shopify Guru [email protected], You didn't answer the question.

It's $30/month, but they assured me there'd be no problems ever. At minimum, two sections: legal & illegal businesses instead of lumping ALL adult-related services & products under one section.

1) Can that at least be acknowledged by someone that the wording is a bit egregeous?

Aren't kitchen knives, or for that matter any kid's toy with a plastic bag to suffocate in, FAR more high-risk?