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Logic updating

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Even something as simple as bouncing to MP3 would involve multiple crashes and quite a lot of swearing.

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Let's not mention the fake woodgrain that appears at the far left and right of the window if you haven't enabled the Advanced Tools in preferences: the idea is to make Garage Band users feel at home, but thankfully it disappears when you switch into the Pro mode.Think of it like a kind of Retina for your ears: the extra bits mean more precise mixing of all your disparate audio sources, which is of particular relevance if you're working with projects intended for high-res audio formats.The update also delivers support for up to 256 busses, genuine stereo panning and the ability to import Music XML.Apple's Logic Pro X 10.3 release notes detail some specific showstopping bugs that the 10.3 update has fixed, along with significant improvements to the already impressive Alchemy audio engine and to Flex Pitch.Under the hood you'll find the 32-bit summing engine upped to 64 bits, which Apple labels as High Precision Audio.Track Alternatives enables you to create multiple arrangements of the same track, so for example you might have three different candidates for the main melody or a couple of different ideas for how to edit an audio or MIDI region.

No problem: just create the version you want to try as a Track Alternative and you can switch from version to version without having to change the underlying project.

That doesn't happen now, and projects that previously killed Logic within the first few notes no longer do so.

It's faster to load and to quit too, and the infuriating gap between a project loading and Logic responding to keyboard, trackpad or mouse is noticeably shorter.

The focus is on function, not goodies: if you've been hoping for Drummer to embrace some new genres or just some jazzy brushes we're afraid you're out of luck.

Logic Pro X vs Garage Band for Mac The most obvious change is that Logic Pro X is now prettier.

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