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Mac mail rss not updating

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This was the days of extremely limited GPRS access which was extremely slow & costly. People could stream from Netflix and Amazon prime without ever owning their content.

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The advantage of RSS was the fact that posts could be pulled in from loads of different sources, without the need to go checking each individual site. People stopped syncing content to their devices and started relying on mobile connectivity.To save me setting up my RSS feeds on every machine I use, I setup a free feedly account and added all of my RSS feeds to the one account.Then, using your feedly credentials in Reeder, you can sync your feedly account and view all of your RSS feeds in the reeder app.The built-in mercury reader is ideal for displaying richer full text articles & the reading themes, much like you get in an e-book app or within a reading extension like reader view in Firefox allow you to set the page and text colour and adjust font size and style for easier reading.I find a larger font on a black background allows me to read a lot of content without fatigue. The benefit of RSS is that I don’t have to remember to check websites for new articles.I became aware of a lot of subjects but an expert in non of them.

It was time to find a new RSS reader & start reading full length content again.

I always relied on RSS during my university studies to stay current and at the bleeding edge.

I’m disappointed that I let this habit of reading RSS be replaced by individual apps and a generally bloated reading experience & would recommend RSS to anyone wanting to regain control of their informative content.

Nirvana for those who would rather lease content than own it.

Having been born in the early eighties & being interested in tech since the ZX spectrum, I’ve always approached things differently.

Reeder has a ton of features which I’ve probably not even come across yet. If an RSS feed is just a post extract, asking you to click to read more, simply pressing the G key on your keyboard will fetch the full text from the website & format it in seconds, without the need to visit the website.