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Marvin sapp dating imani from basketball wives

People are not even on their jobs as disciples for Christ like they used to be. My friend just met a chocolate man on Blackwhitemeet. If you belong to a church arent you supposed to welcome others? Nobody knows this man's or this woman's intentions, but how about the church folk try something called FAITH and trust that God is blessing whatever relationship they may have as long as they are doing things according to his plan and by his guidance! When we married we were both equally yoked in the world so there was not a problem, but now that I am not of this world and he has not gone through the transformation yet, I sanctify him. While I do understand your point and agree as far as his wife, but the Word also says do not be unequally yoked.

So far, Marvin's church accepts Imani, but they want her to stop tweeting risque photos!One member was quoted as saying: What's funny is when people try to correct people yet they themselves are wrong!He's calling him a NUPE- as in a member that has done what is necessary to be deemed so in Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.I thought it was funny, if that was Moody's intention. He is a man of God as most of you know, so do you not think that he has taken all of what he has been blessed with into consideration?I hate these so called "church people" who claim that they love the lord but think they are the judge and the jury.Yooooo-OOOOoooooooooooooooooop I thought Moody was making a legal pun, but apparently, THAT went over all of the Greeks heads.

Don't call anyone else stupid when you don't get the joke. What that man and that woman do is between that man and that woman.

What's to say that God can't change her ways like yours were changed? Jesus came to save the lost, every saint has a past and a sinner a space of repentance..a sanctified man of God he could sanctify his wife...Lord saved me as a teenager...

Please don't act like you have been holy all of your life cause that my friend is false. I was the last person that thought it would be me but God had a plan..far as his late wife..commitment is over...

Since their initial encounter, an anonymous source reported to several media outlets that Pastor Sapp allegedly flew Showalter in to attend his church, Lighthouse Full Life Center Church in Grand Rapid, MI and she accompanied him to the Stellar Awards in Nashville.

"Basketball Wives: LA" star Imani Showalter may be trading a basketball for a Bible real soon.

And yes, we believe he is a man of God, but because he is man and not God there is a possibility that he is allowing his flesh to lead him in this situation, but only he and God knows. If you're a man of God, especially a pastor, I would pray that the next woman he dates/marries would be a virtuous Proverbs 31 woman. but for the small breed of Vision Birthers that are able to help him continue to do what God has called him to do... And u best believe she is giving it up or at least tempting Marvin. I too experienced a powerful transformation of God and at the time I was married.