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Cheri is a sweet kindly library assistant, happily going about her day.Does really awesome show, really puts her heart and soul in it :) I did not go in private yet but I definitely will.And I am sure it will be awesome :) BEST girl I've seen here so far :) Read More View My Profile Watch My Videos JR0002 wrote, Ok she's one of my favorite girls i think that even if you don't have credits for her private you should still ass her to tour favorites and notification.Christine brings her daughter Robin to the Abbey, hoping she’s taught Robin enough to fare better than she did, in the Fledging all freshmen undergo.Will Robin emerge as a dominant Falcon, or an obedient Dove?Heather, who had been physically altered to look like a sex goddess with a raging libido suddenly finds herself free from her protagonist...

but when Danny comes along and gains access to the program, does his strong moral values withstand the onslaught of overwhelming temptation?

She is the best company you can ever ask for whether you are alone with her or not. I would squeeze her so tight and never let go if I could.

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She is cheeful and nice to everyone, including Frank, the local oddball.