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Meet lonely guys for dating

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Added bonus if you’re a guy: You’ll be outnumbered by women by at least 7:1.Recently, Nainan set aside fears of looking foolish and rolled out his yoga mat for all to see his best downward dog.

Why wait for the right group when you can start your own?“We started hanging out, going to shows at school, walking in the park, normal dating stuff,” said Gerhart.“I knew after about three or four dates that I could be happy with her for a long time coming.” Take a cooking class or sign up for beginner tennis lessons. Look into sailing classes at your local yacht club.On our first date, Patrick suggested we take a Sunday afternoon walk on the Highline after our respective church services.As I climbed the last of the steps to the top of the old train platform, I recognized him right away.Even if you’re feeling shy, there’s no better ice breaker than your pushy pit-mix sniffing out that cute blond with the three-legged terrier. When comedian Dan Nainan moved to New York City, he was lonely until he joined a group that rollerblades around the city one night a week. “It’s a very social group, and I’ve met a number of women this way.” When Jill Bulluck moved from San Diego to Washington D. and found a new gym, she spied a hunky man grunting on the bench press machine while she practiced lunges nearby.

The two struck up a conversation and dated for nine months.

Christopher Gerhart met his future wife while taking a night class at Sam Houston University in Huntsville, TX.

She was searching for her classroom in the hallway and the two hit it off.

He looked exactly like his photos and he hadn’t lied about his height; he was at least three inches taller than me, making him truly 6’1”. Our walk along the Highline took on the flavor of a stroll on the Champs-Élysées.

He taught me some French phrases and I tried to impress him with the few words I already knew. As we walked, he opened up, admitting that he occasionally still worked with his ex-wife, whom he met while studying in Mexico City. It wasn’t long before the dreaded text message came.

“The class was perfect and I met not one but two nice ladies there,” Nainan says.