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It’s is one of the few MILF and granny dating sites that can be trusted.


Seeking – Part of the same network, Seeking Milf is another site incorporating Online Cupids into their member’s area. This is just one of the terms that dishonest dating sites use to describe the way they try to take your money.It’s a site many people were using to cheat on their significant others.I’m not sure your money can be spent in a worse manner.MILFs – This site also incorporates something they refer to as “Online Cupids.” Sure, they admit in their terms that this is a term they use to describe fabricated profiles they create and fake messages they send.It’s all to get you to spend your money and upgrade you account.These websites do everything in their power to lie, cheat and steal from you.

They use everything from fake female profiles, computer-generated instant messages and a multitude of other different tactics to get people to pay for monthly memberships to their cons.

Not only do they deceive you, many other sites on their network redirect back to this site after you sign up.

It’s a well-known fraud technique and network that I’d recommend avoiding completely.

Here is a list of all the milf dating sites that we have reviewed and have determined to be outright scams and fraud. It has been a long process, please use it to your advantage.

As you can see the list of real cougar dating services is much smaller than the list of scams.

IWant – Any site that is part of the Enedina online dating company cannot be trusted, especially all the small ones like this one. – Not long ago, this site was hacked and users data was exposed.