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Mommies looking for daughters dating sites

When to bust it out: When you're feeling nostalgic for your 80s youth and want to reinforce the power of female friendships.

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When to bust it out: For some good old fashioned girl bonding.Why it's awesome: Flashing between the 70s and the 90s, this crazy fun and empowering movie reminds girls and women that it's okay to be different, and testifies to the true power of female friendships.When to bust it out: When you need a healthy helping of girl power.I reached out to a few others for tales of the good, bad and ugly of online dating as a single mom: “I hate when guys post pics of their groans and happy trails. I explained I talk to everyone at the park while the kids play with all the dogs. Our dogs got along, we got to know each other and it was fun seeing him interact with my kids (who had no idea I was on a date). If it doesn’t work out romantically, I always consider it a fun way to shake things up.All they are saying is, ‘I want sex.’ And that’s an obvious turnoff for a single mom.” – Laura D. Single motherhood can be pretty routine, so a nice dinner, jazz club or hike with a new friend is cool.” – Sara W.Why it's awesome: Jamie Leigh Curtis and Lindsey Lohan get a dose of each other's reality in this body switching comedy.

When to bust it out: After a fight, with some popcorn, and maybe some ice cream.

Just enough to show you trust her, and respect her as a burgeoning adult. When to bust it out: When it's time to talk about birth control, and not sneaking out of the house.

Why it's awesome: Shelly Long plays a down-and-out Beverly Hills mom who steps up to the plate when her daughter's Wilderness Girl troop finds itself without a leader.

Why it's awesome: America Ferrara's debut role follows a young girl learning to love herself, curves and all.

Lupe Oliveros plays her difficult but loving mother in this coming-of-age story.

(Or just be generally terrified.) Why it's awesome: Jesminder Bjamra is an incredible soccer player with a shot at the big leagues, if she can balance her love of the sport with her devotion to her close-knit, conservative family.