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Mother and daughter dating service

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But now I've made up my mind that I cannot and will not tolerate it anymore!!

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He was a lovely and nice guy to me - of which they are aware but because he took care of his own ill parents (he was with them before they dies) he was delayed in schooling - he is a part time student and call center agent. She accuses us of not helping in the household chores - we visit our parents weekly so that she will have someone to talk to.I'm tired of being treated like a convenience for money, room and board, and disregarded and disrespected otherwise.We had a really bad fight last night over her disrespect again which escalated to the point that I pushed her away from me. As I read this, I cried heftily because I am being harrassed and disrespected by my own mother.Trust me, she would deserve it, because now she has this attitude that because she's technically an adult there is nothing we can do to her anymore, in her words, 'she's grown'.Well 'grown' to me means you have your 'own', and you still don't get away with disrespecting your parents.I want to establish my own life as an adult, but she tried to drag me down.

I love my mother but this becomes so hurtful for me.

I have struggled with what to do about all of this today, but have decided inspite of all her big talk, she is not financially independant and her small student loans and part-time jobs don't cut it to sustain her when school is back in session so she will still need assistance, therefore I will see that she has the basics: food, shelter, and utilities to get through school, the rest is on her and until she can respect her parents she is not welcome in our home. So I can't understand why she needs more money.

She keeps telling the people in the church, our relatives and neighbors how bad daughter I am - and here in the Philippines, children cannot talk back to their parents.

She was in my face and pointing her finger down at me (she was standing over me, she 6ft and I'm 5'5), which of course didn't help matters, thereupon I let her know that the day that I tolerate your disrespect anymore is the day they would be burying me six feet under feet first. I graduated with honors in college and when I managed to find a job, I gave her 50% of my salary ever since with no fail every month.

Also that she acts like she is just as much woman as me to stand in my house and saying blah, blah, blah to me, to which she responded that she is just as much woman as me and packed her clothes and left in a huff back to her apartment 1.5 hours away. But my mother thinks I don't love her enough cause I did not give her my ATM card. My other 2 siblings are studying in a public school.

That lasted about a week, now it's back to just talking about herself again.