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Mtvs bissexual dating game

Iron Maiden is the shortest, but you still need to complete her sidequest first. And you have to pay for the prostitutes in brothels, which is totally reasonable given the Medival-Europe-ish setting Witcher 3 is in.I am all for more sexual preference possibility for Cyberpunk 2077 or potential Ciri Witcher game tho.

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Originally Posted by Bronetta OP I hope you pick up Dishonored Death of the Outsider if you are looking for a bisexual lead.I am playing The Witcher 3 right now and I am shocked with how much "free" sex there is in the game.Not really shocked, since I was the one to accept every sex oportunitty, heh.It would be refreshing considering male gay sex is such a tabu matter in videogames and almost never seen. I'm all for representation but not every character has to be bi. In the case of TW3, you are right - it's an established character. Originally Posted by Vulkar59 I haven't played the game, him being bisexual would spur me to do so.A game like Witcher 3 is about embodying the character and having more diverse options would better further that end.Originally Posted by Paul Bizkit What you say makes no sense, OP. Plus hes straight in the books, it wouldnt make sense.

I get wanting a bisexual character, but I dont think that would have worked, especially considering the time period the game seems to be in, witches, dwarves and Witchers are already looked at as lesser than everyone else, to make a character bisexual?

Like the scene in the beginning where a bunch of soldiers are harassing the female innkeeper.

If you try to interfere and stop the abuse, you're making everything worse and she ends up hating you for killing the soldiers and causing a lot of problems for her.

Witcher has that "male protag is heterosexual but there's bisexual or lesbomancy women" theme common to a lot of pop media and especially videogames, but that might be straight from the books and the devs saw no reason to change it.

Remember this is the series where you could collect trading cards of women you had sex with in the first game.

Billie Lurk is also a black female protagonist, we don't get many of those.