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Municipalities enabling and validating act

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It began with a kinless boy turned loose in Texas, and went on fantastically through a hundred changes and chops of life, the scenes shifting from State after Western State, from cities that sprang up in a month and in a season utterly withered away, to wild ventures in wilder camps that are now laborious, paved across the country that the March 2015 tranche of the Local Government Equitable Share (LGES) would be withheld because of their failure to pay creditors, including Eskom and Water Boards, as required by section 65(2) of the Municipal Finance Management Act, 2003 (MFMA, Act No.Amendments to the above-mentioned Act are included in the following 1st Reading Bill introduced on March 24, 2015: Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act, 2015 ()Note: Log in to your Quickscribe account prior to clicking links.

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A second amendment will provide statutory protection from legal proceedings for veterinarians who make such decisions.The Province will have guaranteed royalty revenue each year.Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act: The proposed amendment will give veterinarians the authority to destroy an animal or have it destroyed when the animal is in critical distress.The current Final Agreement Act authorizes Maa-nulth First Nations to enforce their foreshore laws, but does not provide the Provincial Court with the authority to issue and enforce orders related to prosecutions under Maa-nulth foreshore laws.Municipalities Enabling and Validating Act: Amendments to the Municipalities Enabling and Validating Act (MEVA) enable the District of Port Edward and Pacific Northwest LNG (PNW) to enter into a municipal property tax agreement regarding the property tax revenue to be generated from the proposed PNW LNG facility on Lelu Island.Select [View Change] to see how the actual text reads before and after the amendment.

You must first log in to Quickscribe Online prior to viewing the change. Details: section 10 added 2015-23-23 in force by Royal Assent [2015 Bill 23] View Change This section was Added on 2015-05-14.

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VICTORIA – Bill 23, the Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act, 2015, was introduced in the legislature today by Attorney General and Minister of Justice Suzanne Anton.

If passed, the amendments will affect the following provincial statutes: Employment and Assistance Act and Employment and Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Act: The proposed amendments to these acts will eliminate periods of ineligibility for people who are convicted of fraudulently obtaining income or disability assistance.

Natural Products Marketing (British Columbia) Act: The proposed amendments will enable marketing boards and commissions to require that their producer members participate in mandatory biosecurity and insurance programs, and apply an administrative penalty for those that fail to comply.