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In his interview with Expat Arrivals, he talks about his experience as a student living in France. Eddie is an American expat who moved to the United Arab Emirates when his wife was offered a job there.

She explains the challenges she has faced in settling in Istanbul, whilst giving advice about to make the most of living in the exciting...Oman is bordered by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the north-west, Saudi Arabia to the west and Yemen to the South West.The capital city Muscat is located on the South East coast, the main cities...Originally from the Philippines, Izzy returned to her Asian roots to take up a teaching job in South Korea...Hailing from the United Kingdom, James is an independent financial advisor who has been living in Switzerland for just shy of two decades.In expat circles, the term 'trailing spouse' pops up with annoying regularity, and I loathe it.

A grossly loaded term, this label is bestowed upon a person following their partner to another...

Places such as France, Spain and Portugal are all appealing and with the strength...

Rick Schleicher is an American expat who moved to Ecuador in 2004.

Lottie is a British expat living in the southern Spanish town of Alcala La Real with her husband, Pete.

Seasoned expats, they spent a few years in Jakarta, Indonesia, before making the move to Spain...

Melissa, originally from Michigan in the USA, moved to Geneva with her Swiss boyfriend.