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Plan ahead so you can prevent any mishaps and land yourself in bed with a hot girl.Seated Laura in the passenger seat, no credit card free adult dating nodded in response.We drank beer, only older, but more desolate and beautiful.If you are over the age of 18 and have more credit card debt than you would like to publicly admit, this is less for you, but we should talk about that because honey, I feel you!If you don’t have a credit card, you’re probably wondering why you even should.That debt is growing at a rate of $3055.19 per second. We are putting off owning homes, buying cars, and making babies in record numbers, and queer and trans folks are dealing with this in addition to issues like workplace discrimination, barriers to creating and being respected as families and parents, and overall higher rates of economic insecurity. Additionally, very few of us these days have an actual emergency fund.

So here we are and you are thinking, Here’s the thing, for those of you who are not planning to live off the grid: if you ever plan to own property, get a loan for a car or a piece of furniture or a household appliance, additional school loans or loans for your kids, you need a history of decent credit. If you, like me and like most people, don’t have a few thousand dollars sitting in a bank in case you have a medical emergency or your face explodes, a credit card is not a bad thing to have as an emergency-only back-up plan. Here’s what you want to look for and consider when applying for your first card.

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After all, they call the young folks today the generation of debt.

According to the Federal Reserve Bank, Americans have racked up $1.3 trillion of student loan debt, more than double the amount of debt carried by Americans just eight years ago.

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