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Novels on teen dating violence

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ASCA Assistant Director Jill Cook said, “Every day millions of lives are affected by violence in the home and the community.By engaging teens and helping them think critically about abuse, respect and relationships, we have the opportunity to interrupt the cycle of interpersonal violence that affects so many young people and puts them at risk for further violence later in life.” “If teachers can shape the way young people think and act today, the social norms that currently perpetuate violence will change tomorrow,” Soler added.

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Teachers in communities from Council Bluffs, Iowa to San Bernardino, California are piloting lesson plans from the program this spring. “Teachers are in a prime position to motivate their students to think critically about social issues, and inspire youth to think and act differently about relationships that go beyond friendship,” said NCTE Executive Director Kent Williamson.This book discusses social trends that can draw young women into controlling relationships, barriers teens face in ending abusive relationships, the psychology behind a teen abuser, and how teens can develop healthy, respectful relationships.Targeted for parents, this book gives them advice for recognizing an abusive relationship, discussing concerns with a teen and keeping open communication, understanding the impact of emotional abuse, developing safety plans, using available legal resources, encouraging healthy teen relationships, and connecting with support services.Its web site – is the central hub of the program, where teachers can download a Classroom Manual and access other resources.The is a groundbreaking tool that will make it easy for teachers to help students develop the skills to recognize and avoid dating violence so they can build healthy relationships.“ gives teachers resources they can use to help students strengthen their academic skills while at the same time learning to recognize abusive situations and choose alternatives to violence.” One in three teens reports knowing a friend or peer who has been hit, punched, kicked, slapped or physically hurt by a partner.

Teens and young women are especially vulnerable to violence.

A history of how American women have viewed their body image over the past 200 years, and how our culture has become dissatisfied with the physical body leading to weight obsession and dieting.

This book investigates the connections between greater social and sexual freedom with increased consumerism and body focus.

An investigation into the aggressive behaviors that young women express and how they factor into friendships and daily interactions.

The author explores how the effects of aggression can perpetuate stereotypes amongst girls and devastate young women's self-esteem.

A memoir about the author's ongoing management of anorexia and bulimia that recreates her experiences in hospitalizations, therapy sessions, and personal interactions.