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Okcupid dating review

After creating several wildly successful consumer internet businesses, Yagar and team realized that although they were clueless about the dating arena, they could apply their knowledge of matching algorithms to pair users with people they were interested in. The founders cleverly realized that since most the other websites people frequent, , i.e.Christian Ruder's book on on data and dating is now on "NPR's Best Books of 2014". news, weather, fashion, social networking, etcare free, why should you have to pay to use a dating service? Interestingly, Ok was acquired by the operators of in February 2011 for $50 million although Sam Yagan continues to be its CEO.

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"Overplaying your lifestyle will attract different matches who, ultimately, won't be the best fit for who you really are," she says.Many of the users of Ok Cupid are refugees from the other paid or free sites.Ok Cupid tends to attract a more creative crowd, in general, somewhat more artsy, but being a free site, also attracts its share of numbskulls snapping shirtless selfies or pursed lipped and pierced self-ettes.If you value astrology very highly, you can choose not to be paired with someone who thinks it is nonsense.You can also indicate how important the response to each question is to you – a little, somewhat or very.Ok Cupid members often hedge their bets by also cross registering on one paid site such as or also use a a more social networking focused dating site such as How About We or Tinder.

We have to say, that this one is easily our favorite in the sea of dating sites.

Or perhaps this wildly successful book called "Dataclysm: Who We Are When We Think No One is Looking", by one of the founders of Ok Cupid, Christian Rudder?

was founded in 2003 by boy-wonders Sam Yagan,, Christian Ruder, Chris Coyne and Max Krohn, who became friends while undergraduate math majors at Harvard.

And cyber dating expert Julie Spira agrees, also noting there is a huge difference between fibbing about your height vs. "Single is single, and divorced is divorced," she says.

Ok Cupid is our pick for best value dating site because you can send likes and read and send messages without paying for a subscription.

The "magic" involves calculating a match percentage for you and someone else based on questions you answer when you sign up.