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Oklahoma laws for dating minors

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No exhaust from a smoking room shall be located within 15 feet of any entrance, exit or air intake.

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Tax rate per pack of 20: $1.03 Date last changed: January 1, 2005 -- from 23 cents to $1.03 Year first enacted: 1933OKLA. The use of any tobacco product is prohibited on any and all properties owned, leased or contracted for use by agencies and instrumentalities of the state of Oklahoma, including but not limited to, all buildings, land and vehicles. Veterans centers operated by the state were designated smokefree indoors as of January 1, 2015, and required outdoor areas for resident veteran smoking will be phased out by January 1, 2018. For buildings not covered under the executive order above, smoking is not permitted in any building and other property owned or operated by the state of Oklahoma. Smoking is allowed in medical research or treatment centers, if smoking is integral to the research or treatment. 'Health facility' is defined as an entity which provides health services, including, but not limited to, hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, kidney disease treatment centers, health maintenance organizations and ambulatory treatment centers. State sales taxes are no longer collected on cigarettes and tobacco products pursuant to a legislative referendum passed on November 2, 2004.

A small portion also goes to the state General Revenue Fund.

Smoking is prohibited in public places, the definition of which includes health facilities.

Outdoor seating areas of restaurants are exempt except smoking shall not be allowed within 15 feet of any exterior public doorway or any air intake of a restaurant.

Bars are completely exempted from any restrictions unless they share airspace with a non-smoking area.

Air from a smoking room shall not be exhausted within 15 feet of any entrance, exit or air intake.

This could apply to secondhand smoke if a person can establish that secondhand smoke can cause a foreseeable risk of material harm.