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On line for dating or sex

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I found this to be a load of laughs from a dating perspective.

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I wasn't the kind to go out to bars and I was older than the typical college scene ... How, then could a lesbian woman meet another woman and fall in love? It happened to me in 2002 and we are married and still going strong.This book isn't about sexual orientation (and that doesn't really matter since there are lessons to be garnered for all).While most of the stories are between men and women the advice and habits inherent to the human condition are very similar no matter who you decide to couple with.That intangible thing called chemistry is explored here ... I found myself immediately drawn into the writing, as well as the stories presented in Love, Sex & Deception - about online dating.but there are many more things to carrying a relationship past that initial feeling. Who knew that this type of book would actually ever exist?I continue to argue that while technology may be a good thing in some instances, it has been incredibly harmful in other ways.

This book is entertaining and a very easy read, I loved it.

The writing is very well done - down to earth, honest, funny and at times, heart tugging.

I really ended up feeling for many of these people - and, if anything, this book has shown me just how screwed up we have all become about love, dating and even the INternet.

Read this book to learn how not to make the same mistakes and I guarantee you will get a chuckle or two along the way. I really enjoyed it and could identify with a LOT of it since I had to date several to find my one.

In cyberspace finding the ONE usually takes time, honesty and effort.

As someone who has "been there, done that" I could happily recommend this book to my single friends who may be fearful of hitting the online dating scene or who have been burned by it. there is someone for everyone and the Internet just opens up the world to you. especially since 25years ago, this would have been a non topic - to say the least.