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Mark Warner (D-Va.) said in a statement last night.

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An attorney for Shelby said Crutcher was “not following police commands,” and that Shelby opened fire when Crutcher began to reach into his SUV window.-- Most tech companies care more about boosting their bottom lines than protecting their customers’ privacy.Here’s a sampling of some recent headlines, for examples: -- These tech giants aggressively lobby Congress to block legislative solutions.This is the latest in a long string of high-profile breaches, from Target to Linked In: -- The political conversation about the data breaches has been almost exclusively about national security, not consumer privacy. And most of the anger about all the hacked emails, whether the Democratic National Committee’s or Colin Powell’s, has been directed toward the Russians and/or Wiki Leaks.A site that experts have linked to Russian intelligence, the same one that posted Powell’s private correspondence, yesterday shared a copy of Michelle Obama’s passport, as well as sensitive Gmail messages from a White House contractor.Shelby thought Crutcher was “behaving like someone under the possible influence” of PCP, he added.

An attorney for Crutcher’s family immediately pushed back on the officer’s account, saying the car window was rolled up and reports linking him to drugs were attempts to “intellectually justify” the shooting. Mary Fallin said she hopes the decision to prosecute “provides some peace” to the Crutcher family, urging patience as the case works its way through the justice system. ” a police captain said the protests could continue as long they remained peaceful.

THE BIG IDEA: It’s been a terrible year for personal privacy, yet the issue remains on the backburner in the presidential race.

-- Yahoo yesterday acknowledged the largest data breach in history, affecting more than 500 million user accounts.

(NBC News has more.) Vladimir Putin should certainly not be let off the hook for meddling in our democratic process, and bipartisan pressure keeps building on the White House to retaliate against Moscow for its skullduggery.

But the Yahoo revelation underscores how relatively little outrage has been directed toward the companies which hold the data that has been stolen.

Trump, of course, also encouraged the Russians to hack Clinton’s emails during the Democratic National Convention.