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Child pornography cannot be produced without children being raped.

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I know a lot of people still think its very bad and I'm curious as to your opinion. The child pornography one makes me uncomfortable because I thought it was illegal because it was showing a crime being committed.The US company which released the film had refused appeals to stop selling the DVD until it was approached by Newsnight.The production of porn doesn’t have to leave a trail of victims in its wake.Consumers of bareback porn argue that these actors are adults, and they’re aware of the risks they’re running, and so consumers of bareback porn are not quite as culpable as consumers of kiddie porn. But many of the actors in bareback porn are very young, very naive, and very vulnerable, and the demand for bareback porn is doing real harm to real people.As this BBC report makes clear: Three films have been withdrawn from sale following a Newsnight investigation into the health risks of so-called bareback gay porn—which shows men have unprotected sex….In the UK an anti-barebacking campaign is being launched.

The BBC: In Britain the campaign against bareback is being lead by a director called Steven Brewer.

So if I own a construction company, I'm not allowed to offer my employees an extra x$ an hour to work without a harness, even if they WANT TO DO IT. You are the only gay writer in America to call for some moral standards from these decadent self-destructive gays.

Just like with that radio station whose 'Hold your wee for a Wii' contest resulted in a death, and the illegality of selling organs; there are laws protecting people from having to make the choice to do something inherently or probably harmful for money. I'm all for sexual liberation, and the goyium are incapable of being held to any kind of righteous standard anyway.

So blame consumers if you like, but why not blame those who make it forbidden fruit? The spectre of an evil porn industry forcing otherwise-naive and innocent 18 year-olds to take it bareback, resulting in their immediate infection with HIV? As #5 mentions above, these people are consenting adults and have no one to blame for their bad choices but themselves.

Moreover, wouldn't it be ironic if said "innocent" 18 year-olds were in fact already HIV-positive before starring in BB porn, yet were manipulative and deceptive enough to claim it was the act of making this porn that infected them?

Re: the above comment Even if they did get infected before that shoot ,that means that they infected the OTHER actors in this shoot. Bareback porn, while irresponsible to the community at large for sure, doesn't show a crime being committed.