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Os x clock not updating

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Stay informed for when we release new versions by entering your e-mail address below.When a laptop battery dies, after it's revived, the Date/Time is reset to 1/1/01 and the Wi Fi connection is lost.

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Downside it forces a reboot and doesn't always work. /bin/sh DATE="" YEAR=`/usr/sbin/systemsetup -getdate | cut -d '/' -f 3` if [ $YEAR == "2001" ] then echo "we have a match" /usr/sbin/systemsetup -setusingnetworktime off /usr/sbin/systemsetup -setdate $DATE /usr/sbin/systemsetup -setusingnetworktime on reboot fi Maybe you could force the correct time during boot if you are having problems with time server settings taking and then a reboot wouldn't be required.E.g.:ntpdate -q apple.comto get the date and then with a bit of messing, use the date command or systemsetup to set the date.After setting a manual date, you could then set the time server and until the reboot takes place the time should be close enough anyway.Unfortunately, the "Easy" button would require the installation of a CMOS battery, and Apple isn't doing that any time soon.I'll give the scripting a shot and we'll keep the door open on 802.1x.Gracias--DVG The newer Apple portables with the non-removable batteries don't have a backup battery on the MLB.

I don't think there is a fix for your issue other than educating your users to avoid letting their computers reach an absolute zero charge.

Your computer’s clock is set to a date before March 24th, 2001.

This may cause some applications to behave erratically.

Unless you're doing a self-signed cert that would be valid for more than 10 years (yikes! The usual issue is just when someone tries to go to a SSL-secured website and Firefox scares the heck out of them with the invalid cert page.

The flat battery problem is real hassle with 1000 laptops after summer holidays when the students have been away for 6 weeks and most don't use or bother to charge them.

Please use the Date & Time preference panel to set the clock manually.