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Outlook rss feeds not updating 2016

outlook rss feeds not updating 2016-4

Archive the e-mails you have read in folders sorted according to topics to ensure you can find them quicker later on.

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Login to portal You can activate email notifications for the ‘My Downloads’ area and the ‘Postal Application Downloads’ area.Too many e-mails nesting in the inbox can slow down the program and make Outlook more sluggish.The individually customizable auto-archiving feature is the solution.For instance, it may be sensible to keep the e-mails from last month and this month, and to archive the rest. Download complete items: Here is another bottleneck that is easy to fix.If Outlook is connected by IMAP or POP3, it is important always to download the complete message and not just the header.We have put together 7 tips to help you tune your Outlook and get it up and running at full speed.

Update your Windows installation: It may sound trivial but regular Windows updates are important to ensure that all programs run smoothly. The likelihood of suffering a breakdown drops if you take it to the garage for regular inspections.

To activate the service on your account select ‘Activate’. To choose how you view your RSS feed select ‘View the feed’.

This will open up a new tab in your Internet browser.

You click on the small, blue icon, but still the Outlook home screen takes ages to load, and it lasts a few moments until you see the mail preview. If you’re familiar with this scenario, your Outlook is too slow.

In many cases this will be due to incorrect settings that can be remedied quickly.

This can be checked under Restrict any publication and sharing of your calendar: Although allowing your colleagues to access the calendar is a huge help in the organization of meetings, it does impose a speed limit on the use of Outlook.