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The drainage was catastrophic, just like a jkullaup, and caused heavy damage and loss of property in the tztal, as described in a report from the government of the Tyrol to the Emperor Rudolf II (Hoinkes 1969).

The fishermen catch some excellent fish near Muckle Flugga, Unst and massive cod off the wrecks.Click here, here and here to read about the glacier retreat following the Little Ice Age advances.In Britain, oats grown above 250 m altitude are known to be sensitive to summer warmth, exposure and summer wetness, which may be measured in terms of accumulated temperature, average wind speed and end-of-summer potential water surplus (Parry 1975).This is presumably the oldest picture of an alpine glacier.Later Little Ice Age advances of the Vernagtferner, leading to formation and drainage of the ice dammed Rofener Eissee is described here, here and here. Today, Beca will be preparing an American feast for the people of Anglesey at the Hydeout Smokehouse, Menai Bridge.

Three actors from the television series Rownd a Rownd will be special guests on the programme.

It is estimated that if, over the period 1250-1450, the mean annual air temperature fell a little less than 1C, then summer warmth at 300 m altitude in northern England would have been reduced by 15 per cent.

The frequency of crop failure would increase sevenfold from 1 year in 20 to 1 year in 3, and the frequency of two consecutive crop failures increased 70 times.

The behaviour of Vernagtferner is therefore described in particular detail throughout the Little Ice Age.ger; original in Tiroler Landesmuseum, Innsbruck, Austria).

The ice dammed lakes with floating icebergs is seen to the left, and the heavily crevassed glacier tongue of the Vernagtferner is seen to the right of the lake.

With some help from her guests, Beca will prepare a tasty American snack - spicy padron peppers with cream cheese.