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Penpal dating dating web site

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Dear Reader, If you are one of the many Westerners who harbor the myth that most or all Russian women are desperate to leave their country or want a green card, then please read my article below and consider the twelve points that I make which prove that it to be a narrow-minded egocentric American myth.

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You will see that almost none of them are trying to leave their country: Now, here is a question for the Westerners out there who believe in this myth.That denigrating term and concept was created by our media for political and social reasons to help foster patriotism and appease a feminist audience.You can read about this in more detail at: check out the FAQ's and misconceptions section of: folks, but the truth is, in real life you can't "buy" or "order" a bride from Russia, contrary to the fictional concept created by our media.The media further perpetuated it to appease these feminists, whom are the main audience for their advertisers.Besides this, our media's other purpose is to motivate you to get up and go to work or school everyday to keep our economy/society productive.Those marriage/introduction/dating agencies out there simply allow you to purchase their women's contact information, not sell away their individual rights.

You've still got to win their hearts or attraction to you.

According to the statistics on the Myths section of Elena's site ( the percentage of the women in Russia affiliated with marriage agencies looking for foreign men is about 0.13 percent of the total population. Such a stat is only an estimate of course, but the point is that the women looking to leave their country for good is a very small percentage of the whole, contrary to what many Americans believe and what our media likes to perpetuate.

Those that are considering moving abroad are not usually desperate to do so anyway.

America is a strong capitalistic country with values that encourage individualism and selfishness. It is rare to find one who has a sole purpose of moving abroad. LOL I hope that you realize how silly this myth that you harbor is now!

Therefore, countries which have a different social/economic system and values, are obviously going to cultivate different kinds of people. In fact, the percentage of the female population in Russia who belong to marriage agencies is far less than one percent of the population.

However, this common myth is completely wrong, and I will demonstrate this from every factual angle. Before I begin though, remember that Americans are not the standard to compare the rest of the world by.