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People dating herpes

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In the past, it was a standard practice to deliver babies from an infected mother via Cesarean section.

Transmission of HSV during childbirth can result in neonatal infant mortality or severe congenital abnormalities.For further discussion of this aspect of herpes, please see the Herpe Site Recurrences & Outbreaks page.Herpes can be carried in saliva from contact with an open sore, and can be passed via incidental transmission from fingers or hand when the virus is active.(See our News Page for more.) For years it was thought that HSV was linked to cervical cancer.The latest reports contradict that, however, and experts no longer consider HSV to be a causative factor in cancers.However, Herpes, regardless of location on the body, is a skin rash that most find to be mainly inconvenient, annoying, and occasionally aggravating. So, a genital herpes infection will stay “below the belt” unless transferred elsewhere via direct contact or skin-to-skin transference – it won’t just show up on its own somewhere else on the body.

However, a recurrent episode may appear in any area in the genital region served by the branches of nerves connected to the sacral ganglion where the virus resides during its latent stage.

These other herpesviruses cause their own set of signs and symptoms, and are different from the signs and symptoms of infection caused by the Herpes Simplex viruses HSV-1 and HSV-2.

Statistics indicate that an average of 75% of the human population has Oral/Facial Herpes, usually caused by HSV-1, which manifests usually on the lips, and is referred to by most as “Fever Blisters” or “Cold Sores.” (This statistic varies between 50% and 90% of the population based on demographics and socio-economic factors.) Most people acquire the virus in early childhood through non-sexual contact with someone who has the virus on their lips. Genital Herpes is considered by some to be epidemic and spreading at an estimated rate of a half million people per year.

The social stigma associated with Genital Herpes is not found with Oral Herpes.

The fear and stigma around Genital Herpes is unfounded, unfair, and based on the LOCATION of the infection!

The shame and social stigma associated with Herpes, along with the fact that HSV can be hard to detect or identify in some individuals, is misdiagnosed at times, and is not a reportable STD, contribute to the undermining of reliable statistical evidence. are not always abreast of the latest developments in Herpes research, diagnosis, tests, and treatment.