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You might as well maintain some dignity and admit to what happened. Your celebrity doesn't mean you can treat folks that way. Do the right thing here." Manning's claim that Naughright had a "vulgar mouth" was based on a trip to Virginia with four other Tennessee athletes for a drug education conference.

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The lawsuit said that copies of the book that pertained to Naughright were distributed around campus and at the school's athletic events."She was minding her own business when your book came out.Peyton, the way I see it, at this point, you are going to take a hit either way, if you settle out of court or if it goes to court.She received a strong review from her supervisor, who recommended Naughright for an "exemplary" salary increase.May, 2001 -- Naughright came back from leading an educational trip to South Africa to find an envelope addressed to "Dr.Via USA Today: "There is evidence of record, substantial enough to suggest that the defendants knew that the passages in question were false, or acted in reckless disregard of their falsity.

There is evidence of record to suggest that there were obvious reasons to doubt the veracity of Peyton Manning's account of the incident in question.

USA Today did not release the document then, nor did it reveal its full contents.

Some of the details, previously unknown, raise questions about Manning's character from his time at Tennessee to when he reportedly sent Naughright an envelope containing book excerpts that may have led to her dismissal from her job at Florida Southern College.

The details of the incident from Manning's perspective were different than the description Naughright gave, however.

One day I was in the training room and a track athlete I know made some off-color remark that I felt deserved a colorful ... I turned my back in the athlete's direction and dropped the seat of my pants. But I did it thinking the trainer wasn't where she would see. Even when she did, it seemed like something she'd have laughed at, considering the environment, or shrugged off as harmless. The incident involving Manning was one in a series of ongoing harassment and discrimination Naughright suffered at Tennessee.

August, 1997 -- Naughright left Tennessee as part of a $300,000 settlement related to the incident with Manning.