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Heather is introduced as the best friend of Shirley Carter (Linda Henry), who loves cheese and karaoke, is a fan of George Michael and suffers from asthma.

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On a high, Heather decides to find herself a man at R&R, and Shirley hires a male escort to give her a good time.Heather's character is known for her headbands, love of cheese and karaoke, and being a fan of singer George Michael.In 2009, the character was involved in a whodunnit-style storyline when she became pregnant by an unknown man.When Darren's girlfriend Libby Fox (Belinda Owusu) finds out, she reveals to everyone that Darren is George's father.Libby's mother Denise Johnson (Diane Parish) then confronts Heather, and says she should not have used a child to make a child.After an argument with Phil Mitchell (Steve Mc Fadden), Heather suffers an asthma attack.

At the hospital, tests reveal that she is pregnant.

She made her final screen appearance on 21 March 2012 (as a corpse) after being unintentionally killed by Ben Mitchell (Joshua Pascoe).

Fergison returned in 2016 to record a voiceover as Heather, which was broadcast on 24 December 2016.

When Hazel leaves Minty, Heather pretends to be Hazel so they can remain in the competition and split the prize money.

Minty and Heather grow closer, and on the eve of the wedding, Heather realises she has fallen in love with Minty and they later marry.

Heather Trott (also Peterson) is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera East Enders, played by Cheryl Fergison. The character was introduced as a guest character, but later became a regular.