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Social and interpersonal trust erodes; solitude and atomization increase. In light of these common realities, how many of us would confidently declare that yes, these are the best of times in American sexuality, that we are making progress, that we have modeled a template of more satisfying, fulfilling sexual unions?

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Hefner’s passing invites us to get moving on next steps, so love won’t be lost more permanently — out of reach for so many — to a state of misery pretending to be freedom.The complainant was told by Kye that he had been involved in a car accident and doctors subsequently detected a brain tumour.He said he was having treatment in hospital and was not well enough to see her in person.Cultural struggles over marriage continue — now out of the political limelight — in households, congregations and workplaces.Meanwhile, the common date has eroded, now quaint in light of the ubiquitous, unromantic hookup. What we get is leaving us hungering for still more or longing for some emotion or transcendent satisfaction that cheap sex seems to promise but seldom delivers.And his is no “wistful” ode to an era that never was, but a clear-eyed look at what’s going on.

Regnerus writes with compassion about Sarah and other women in the U. “mating market.” His chronicle of the situation, based on extensive numbers and interviews, shows what misery the Playboy Philosophy, as it were, has wrought.

It’s one fueled by medicine — primarily, birth control — and an idolization of a false freedom that changed not just mores, but expectations and led to utter incoherence in individual lives.

“Despite shrinking double standards and growing egalitarianism, something seems amiss with sex these days,” Regnerus writes.

“Most Americans — left or right, religious or not — can sense it. Online porn is now standard operating procedure for a near-majority of men.

We construct comprehensive identities and communities around sexual attraction in a way unfamiliar to most of the Western world, including Western Europe.

By the age of 15 or 16, she went on to develop a Facebook profile of "half-Filipino, half-Latino" Fortune by downloading photographs from an American man's Myspace page.