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Pony play dating

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Believing her to be the Games Inspector, Twilight and her friends welcome her.On the train, the friends practice a cheer to perform for the Games Inspector.Twilight is worried because the Inspector is known for "putting folks through the wringer on her visits." Twilight and her friends arrive at the Crystal Empire, which Crystal Ponies are sprucing up for the Inspector's visit.Twilight asks Shining Armor to give the Inspector a proper tour. Rainbow Dash confesses to the princess that they welcomed the wrong pony. As Twilight and her friends wait for the train back to Ponyville, Rainbow Dash basks in the satisfaction of helping the Crystal Empire win the competition and says she looks forward to coming back to watch the Games.At that moment, the other ponies and the Inspector enter the stadium, and the Inspector is so overjoyed to be outdoors that she runs around the track. Just before Fluttershy boards the train, she sees a cart of luggage fall over as a green jewel flies by.During the week leading up to the episode's scheduled premiere, story editor Meghan Mc Carthy wrote on Twitter that the original name for a new character introduced in the episode was Ms. On the DVD My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Princess Twilight Sparkle, the episode's voice credits are different, being the same as those of Keep Calm and Flutter On but with John de Lancie credited as John Delancie.

On December 7, 2013, the episode's writer Dave Polsky was asked "Was there a point in drafting or wherever that the ending of Games Ponies Play made sense?

The camera pans down to show Spike, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and the six pets hiding nervously under the seats, revealing the climax of the events in Just for Sidekicks.

Starring: Ariel Anderssen, Michael Stamp, Hywel Phillips Keywords: kidnap, slave training, pony girl, enforced pony play, blindfold, pony harness, bridle, pony gag, caning Running time: 57 minutes Directed, Produced by Hywel Phillips Edited by Ariel Anderssen Crew: Hywel, Michael Stamp, Ariel Anderssen Pony Girl Trailer_mp4 The gymkhana. Soon she will discover what it is to be a captured and trained slave, an enforced Pony Girl! When she awakes, he forces her to put in blackout contact lenses which totally blind her! Strict and severe, he is an expert in training wayward fillies, breaking them in with harness, bridle and big gag until they are resigned to their new lives as sex slave Pony Girls.

A messenger announces that Princess Cadance's mane-stylist has come down with the flu. As everyone begins to panic, Twilight calms herself and takes charge of the situation.

None of the other hairdressers know how to style the ceremonial headdress, but Rarity volunteers to do it. She tells Rarity to have Cadance back at the castle when the headdress is done, and leads the rest of her friends to the train station, telling them to be on the lookout for a pony with flower print luggage.

She is thrilled to meet Prince Shining Armor, and says she is thoroughly enjoying her "vacation". Twilight and her friends dash to the train station, but Ms. Rainbow Dash feels sorry that Spike had to miss out on everything, but Twilight is sure that he's having plenty of fun taking care of their pets back home.