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" The girl said "because I licked the icing off the sofa!

Listening to Dingo Johnson’s music, it’s not surprising that he’s out there confronting people on Twitter. “A few months ago I was told I had a rare tumor called ‘Ameloblastoma’ which was in my sinus area so I just had surgery to get it removed on this month,” Dingo explained via email. They are about to break " "i"m not a carpenter and i don"t want to fix steps". So he goes to the bar and drinks for a couple of hours He starts to feel guilty about how he treated his wife, and decides to go home As he walks into the house, he notices that the steps are already fixed. " Little Girls One day a little girl was watching cartoons when a porno came through. Does it look like I have Kenmore written on my forehead? "Fine", she says "then you could at least fix the steps to the front door?In a concession to the live environment, Levine, above, broke off for a Power Point presentation about the female reproductive system just to show how off-point Flintstone could be.The audience provided a few suitable sound effects, with one volunteer recruited to voice the role of the sultry training guru Natasha Biles.But after his performance, it has surely picked up some new ones, too.

A: Because the teacher said that it was a piece of cake.

His erotic language varies from the coldly gynaecological – unencumbered by the fact he clearly has very little understanding of the subject – to peculiar specifics.

Nipples compared to ‘three-inch rivets which had held the hull of the fateful Titanic together,’ being the classic example of Flintstone's leaden writing.

Q: Why do we put candles on top of a birthday cake?

A: Because it's too hard to put them on the bottom!

The chapter read out at Just For Laughs involved the titular Belinda going on a team-building exercise with her sales team, which quickly turned into an orgy… For the exercise in question, the staff all had to throw some dice – a peculiarly unchallenging act of chance described in tedious detail and burdened with impossible meaning.