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Postcode dating uk

Camelot, the company behind the National Lottery, has unveiled the UK's 10 luckiest postcodes - and it turns out the nation's biggest winners reside within the M25.

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The trick is that the seven characters on file at HSBC have to match exactly the seven characters entered when you get the online challenge.From the 1st of April 2015 the definition of a user changed from a 'device' to an 'individual' who is authorised to use the solution.So for example if you have two members of staff using one device (perhaps working two different shifts), after the 1st April, each of the individuals would need a licence.You can't have an HSBC account (or other UK bank) without a post-code which has your name officially registered there.They will check with Council registers and records that your name is indeed registered at that address and post-code on the electors list. You can't have an HSBC account (or other UK bank) without a post-code which has your name officially registered there.

This is a real UK postcode SO23 7DF and here is another IP12 4LB The system then offers you about 10 house numbers and you choose the one where you live, but as you say it will not help you at all as you do not live there.

I'm also frustrated that the verification technology (which, in the UK, now uses a token) isn't consistent.

So I can log into my French HSBC account without a token, but I need the token for UK. To answer the original question: my work-around is that I use my American Express.

Meanwhile, Birmingham has had the most winners since the National Lottery began, with 1,180 winners of prizes over £50,000.

It also accounts for 127 of the 4,250 millionaires created by the Lottery.

Depending on how strict their system is (does it have to be a real, valid UK postcode or does it just have to respect the LLNN NLL format) you could just have them add some nonsense like 'AA00 0AA' and embed your real postcode in the city field, eg: Name: Jonny Foreigner Address: Foreignweg 23 City: 4123 Basel Postcode: AA00 0AA Country: Switzerland Any mail should still get posted to you even though there is garbage in the postcode field, and when challenged online for your postcode, you'd just enter AA00 0AA.