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This process has been refined through the years, and most liquid coating roofing applications can also be infused with secondary materials to add tensile strength to the application.There are benefits to this type of application, one of which is that this can be applied over almost any type of roof, to extend the lifespan of the roof.

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The pitch of a flat roof can be up to 10 degrees, thus requiring a different type of roofing installation to ensure proper sealing of the structure.Modified Bitumen Roofing systems began being developed in the United States in the 1970’s, and while they have not been around as long as other roofing types, they have benefits over other low slope roofing applications.They are typically less expensive, and are reduced in weight as opposed to built-up roofing systems.Navigation: Sea charts, Electronic sea charts, Log, Autopilot, GPS, Cockpit control panel, Wind speed, Pilot book, Plotter, Flags QNC, Echo-sounder, List of lights, Radar, Barometer, Hand bearing compass, Windex, Main compass, Binoculars, Clock Sails: Roller Genoa & Battened main sail Safety: Box of flares, Life jackets, Inflatable life raft, Navigation lights, Bosun’s chair, MCA coded, EPIRB, Safety harnesses, Emergency tiller, Sea Anchor, Floating light, GMDSS, Torch, Horse shoe bouy, First aid kit, V. Republican In the past, some Republicans have denied that global warming and climate change are occurring — calling the former a “hoax” and the latter “pseudoscientific.” In recent months, a number of President Donald Trump’s cabinet members have taken a different stance: They acknowledge that the climate is changing and humans have contributed, but they’ve said that scientists can’t measure or don’t understand human impact .These systems consist of alternating layers of (typically) hot tar/asphalt, and then covered with many different types of roofing materials including but not limited to: gravel, mineral granules, or fiberglass.

Due to the multiple layers of the Built-up roofing system, it provides great protection against leaks, as well as wind.

These coatings form a rubber-like waterproof membrane, capable of stretching and shrinking without damaging the surface.

Being that there is no heat required to apply this type of roof, there are also far less safety concerns with application.

We often see flat roofing in commercial or industrial structures, but also have a variety of uses in residential roofing.

John Hogan Roofing has the solution for all your roofing needs, whether residential roofing, or commercial roofing, below are the most common types of Low Slope, or ‘flat’ roofing surface application components.

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