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Pretty girls dating ugly men

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But an ugly is almost more aware to be lucky to be with a beautiful woman and will do anything to keep her happy.Average looking men offer lasting relationships and this is why beautiful women choose ugly guys as their partner.

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Many men say it openly that they want beautiful women, but many beautiful women say openly that they want a devoted man who can be good looking or have average looks.He may be having a very good sense of humor and every girl want their ‘Mr. That’s why many times the less handsome are more intelligent and self-confident.These qualities make women’s eyes begin to see the inner beauty and make them fall in love with the guy.Girls may have heard their mother’s advice that: “Choose a man who loves you more than you love him.” During adolescence it sounds terrible, but maybe over the years can begin to make sense.Beauty is a quality that is lost over time, so it is good choice to be with a person who at the end of the road keeps you happy.Women instinctively seek to feel safe beside their partners and have a support in their life which is confirmed by a study by James Mc Nulty, a researcher at the University of Tennessee (USA).

The beautiful wife of a less physically attractive man is enjoying the feeling of being more special and being more secure in a relationship.

Many times a sculpture body and face of an angel is not enough for women, what they want at the end of the day is security.

An unattractive man gives them the assurance that he will be loyal and at her side always.

In general the above questions have varied answers like maybe the guy is a millionaire (the most simplistic of all) or perhaps his personality is magnetic.

Maybe attractiveness is a plus sign to attract women but when it comes to serious relationship, many women prefer average looking guys.

While waiting to be admired unattractive guys are more willing to show affection and be more helpful.