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Problems with dating a flight attendant

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Traveling is one of the things you can invest in that will always give you something back. My flight anxiety makes my inflight experience pretty miserable.There is a part of me that wondered if the only way to kick my fear of flying would be medication or a few cocktails to take the edge off.

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I hate flying." With any jerk, bump, or dip, I think to myself, "Where the heck is my parachute?"You do what you have to do." Long says that flight attendants often find dating to be particularly tricky."It could be difficult I think trying to explain your job, your schedule, and what going out means," she explains. It's going out to dinner, maybe getting a cocktail, and then to bed." Aircrew will generally do things together for the duration of a trip, she says.Read the original article on POPSUGAR Smart Living. It's hard enough to maintain a relationship when you have a regular 9-to-5 job.Moments after the alarm sounded, a member of the flight crew went running back to the laboratory and pried the door open.

Between the noise, the sprinting flight attendant, and the lavatory door being forced open, I have to say — my parachute was looking pretty good. I told him that someone had been smoking in the lavatory, and there was a fire alarm going off.

But when your job could take you halfway around the world at the drop of a hat, and missing out on family events is the norm, things get exponentially more complicated.

"You miss a lot of holidays and you miss a lot of big things, like graduations," My family is kind of used to it.

" as if opening the boarding door (which is impossible during flight) and jumping to safety is an option.

As I think about it, that sounds more terrifying than trusting the flight crew to get me to my destination safely.

Ty compares turbulence and air pockets to potholes.