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Rabbi david wolpe dating

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A recent cover story profiled several couples in open marriages.And a Philadelphia news station carried a report about “sologamy”—people “marrying” themselves.

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The , the Jewish marriage contract, is essentially a document ensuring the economic care of the woman, with none of the flowery romanticism usually found in the (mis)-translation.Even the most guarded among us can find herself being drawn to another person who awakens a curiosity or interest that had lain dormant.When people work most of the day, how do you prevent them from being drawn to others who work alongside them, share their interests, and know more about their lives than many a spouse?The sixth annual installment of the “Top 50 Rabbis” list, published on April 2, included rabbis who head religious movements, rabbis who lead political and community organizations, and rabbis known for their scholarship and teaching. 40, the founder and president of the Modern Orthodox social justice organization Uri L’Tzedek, who is new to the list; and, at No.Wolpe, who is a frequent contributor to The Jewish Journal and was listed at No. 10 in 2011), becoming the first woman to crack the top five. 28.) Rounding out the top 10 is Rabbi Steven Leder, senior rabbi at Wilshire Boulevard Temple, who dropped two places from his 2011 No. Other Angelenos on the list are Rabbi Naomi Levy, founder and leader of Nashuva, at No. 47 for the second year in a row, Rabbi Laura Geller, senior rabbi at Temple Emanuel in Beverly Hills. Executive Vice President Gary Ginsberg and Sony Corp.We live longer and know divorce is always possible. Whether because of a prenup, or premarital counseling, or the experience of friends and family, no one can pretend divorce is never an option.

So what wisdom can Judaism offer to these quandaries?

Many of them talked about being plagued by infidelities.

Yet sex alone is not a sufficient explanation for the difficulties of monogamy.

Clearly, a great deal of infidelity is sexual, but attraction to another person is more than genital.

The reality is that no one person is sufficient to fill all the niches in our character.

The traditional rules prohibiting everyday interactions between men and women may be sexist and ultimately lead to various problems of their own, but the rules have a certain iron logic.