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To date, 142 scholarships and 2 special grants have been awarded.In 1995, companies with which many of our members are associated, graciously commenced contributing to the fund.

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Phone: 212-217-9874 Fax: 212-370-9047 Email: [email protected] Schaff, Montana Tech Emma Baker, University of Nevada, Reno William Behre, Colorado School of Mines Javier Cejas, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile Rachel English, Colorado School of Mines Sean Klasen, University of Arizona Evan Mc Combs, Colorado School of Mines Bethany Witter, Virginia Tech Cominco Copper Club CME Group E-Copper Encore Wire Corporation Engelhard Falconbridge Freeport-Mc Mo Ran Copper & Gold MF Global Michael Frawley Gerald Group Glencore Global Minerals & Metals H&H Metals Halstead Hussey ICA JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation LS-Nikko Merrill Lynch Metal Commodities Metdist Ltd. Adkerson Sempra Southern Copper Corporation Southern Peru Southwire Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. Mc Grath, University of Missouri-Rolla Philippe Tetreault-Pinard, Mc Gill Christopher J. Neal, Virginia Tech 1998-99 Peter Collins, University of Missouri Joclyn Hunt, Montana Tech Richard D. Oommen, Mc Gill University 1997-98 Michelle Langmaid, University of Arizona Christopher Misterek, South Dakota Mindy Settles, University of Missouri Susanne Wilson, Queen’s University 1996-97 Lauren Cockhill, Montana Tech Kevin Kidd, Colorado School of Mines Zvonka Nickolich, University of Missouri Gordi Wong, Mc Gill University 1995-96 Stephen Antenucci, Mc Gill University Renee Balison, Montana Tech Chris Allen, University of Arizona 1994-95 Michael Holme, University of Missouri Kristi Linn Kelly, University of Arizona Michael R.From inception, the Club has made contributions, from accumulated excess funds, to causes and educational programs associated with the copper industry.The Board of Directors voted that all excess funds be used to establish a Grants Program to assist exceptional students preparing for careers in fields related to maintenance and expansion of the copper industry.Segarra constantly strives to change the way women are portrayed in traditional folk music.“Any way I can spread love amongst women, whether romantic or not, is important to me,” the singer-songwriter told Buzz Feed.I thought it was powerful for a woman to sing love to other women, and that isn’t about sex to me […] It’s about respect and complications, about seeing these women as full human beings who are stunning in all of their ways and also painfully mysterious,” she said.

The rest of the Riff Raff includes trans fiddler Yosi Perlstein, bassist Callie Millington, and drummer David Jamison, who collectively released the album Small Town Heroes at the beginning of this year.

“Pronouns are very fun to play with as a songwriter — there is a lot of weight in them.

When I first started writing songs, I wanted to sing my love songs to women, whether they be my best friends or a character I created.

The criterion for the Grants, which can be up to $10,000 each, is academic excellence and need of financial assistance.

Accordingly, the Copper Club Educational Fund was established in 1994 and it has been administered by members of the Club’s Executive/Finance Committee.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using sex to empower yourself, if you are comfortable with that,” Lowell, who identifies as bisexual, told Rolling Stone.