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After Emap bought Radio Aire and Magic 828 in 1995, they began to roll the Magic brand out across the other AM stations in the group, creating Magic 1161 (Hull), Magic AM (Sheffield), Magic 1152 (Newcastle), Magic 1170 (Teesside), Magic 999 (Preston), Magic 1548 (Liverpool) and Magic 1152 (Manchester).In December 2001, EMAP decided that it was more economical for the Magic network to share off-peak programmes and in line with the other Magic AM stations began networking between 10am-2pm, and 7pm-6am.

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Radio Aire originally broadcast on 362 metres medium wave (828 k Hz AM) and 94.6 VHF but was moved to 96.3 FM (VHF) in 1986.Bauer City has announced an exciting line up for their Breakfast Show for Radio Aire.Stu and Kelly are set to lead the Radio Aire team to the number 1 spot in Leeds.At this point, a regional northern network was created with programmes broadcast from Magic 1152 in Newcastle.During networked hours, local adverts are aired, as well as local news on the hour.The Nightflight programme was simulcast on Aire FM & Magic 828 and broadcast between 1am & 6am from Studio 1 (the studio used for Aire FM).

Local news during the early 1990s was also simulcast on both stations, although Aire FM only took the first two minutes of the bulletin.

Radio Aire was launched on 1 September 1981 and was originally broadcast on 362 metres medium wave (828 k Hz AM) and 94.6 VHF (although the VHF/FM frequency was moved to 96.3 in 1986).

When Radio Aire split its AM & FM frequencies to form two different stations in 1990, the AM service was named Magic 828.

The original weekday line-up was Roger Kirk (6am-9.30am), Ray Stroud (9.30am-1pm), The Magic Mix (1pm-2pm), Peter Tait (2pm-6pm), Nothing But The 60's (6pm-7pm), Mike Vitti (7pm-10pm), Alex Hall (10pm-1am) and The Superstation (1am-6am).

A few months after Magic 828's launch, The Superstation closed, Andy Siddell took over evenings and Mike Vitti presented the new overnight programme, Nightflight.

Stu and Kelly have achieved fantastic success over the last 3 years at Metro, consistently beating Radio 2 to the top spot across the North East, as well as more recently across the Bauer City Network where they host Saturday breakfast across England.