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Real iranian in sex club

Dress code The 'dress code' depends on the party, but people usually dress up for these, whatever it means.If it's a bunch of artsy hipsters, then converse shoes and jeans would do (and dress shoes would be weird), if it's a bunch of rich uptowners, then everything you wear better be designer brands.

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The new religious government demolished the district and punished prostitution with lashing. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton downgraded Iran to "Tier 3", noting that the country makes no significant effort to solve trafficking problems, mainly in relation to prostitution and forced labor.Either you bribe them away ( can cost anything between $40-$500) or they are not bribable, and they will come in and arrest everyone.Generally if you are arrested, you will spend a night or two in jail.Booze One cool thing about these parties, is that you get to drink alcohol for free, as it is usually provided by the host, and a few guests.The quality of alcohol is variable, could be anything from a punch made with bittered ethanol, to great whiskey.The price can be as high as some hundred thousand tomans (= some million rials) for a night.

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But in general, hard drinks are more popular, because 1 bottle (remember everything is traded illegally) can give you more bang for the buck.

Unfortunately, because there is very little education on drunk driving, it is fairly common for people to drive home while intoxicated.

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Quality and TL; DRI'd say it is pretty damn great in big cities, if you know the right people.

Some big parties and weddings happen in large lots out of town.