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Recent topics in dating safety

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Flash flooding, otherwise known as overland flooding, can occur almost anywhere there is a relatively short, intense burst of rainfall such as during a thunderstorm.As a result, the drainage system has insufficient capacity or time to cope with the downpour.

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The data management tools and standards that have been developed for the portal will enable data custodians to standardise their data and upload it to the portal, or to make compliant data accessible via web services.Ladds M, Keating A, Handmer J and Magee L (2017) How much do disasters cost?A comparison of disaster cost estimates in Australia. 10.1016/j.ijdrr.20 Ladds, MA, Magee, L, Handmer, J (2015) AUS: DIS - Database of losses from disasters in Australia 1967-2013.The Great Dividing Range which extends along the length of eastern Australia provides a natural separation between the longer and slower westerly flowing rivers and the shorter, faster easterly flowing coastal rivers.In some cases, natural blockages at river mouths, including storm surge and high tides, can also cause localised flooding of estuaries and coastal lake systems.If a dam fails, triggered for example by an earthquake, the downstream area will flood, even in dry weather conditions.

Other factors which can contribute to flooding include: Riverine flooding occurs in relatively low-lying areas adjacent to streams and rivers.

The use of consistent terminology is important for improving the quality and consistency of flood information.

Geoscience Australia uses the following flood related terms when talking about floods and flood research.

They can bring welcome relief for people and ecosystems suffering from prolonged drought, but also are estimated to be the most costly natural disaster in Australia.

Flooding occurs most commonly from heavy rainfall when natural watercourses do not have the capacity to carry excess water. John Handmer, Monique Ladds and Liam Magee (December 2016), Disaster losses from natural hazards in Australia, 1967-2013.