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Regina hall and terrence j dating

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GARY OWEN: Other than Romany [Malco], Mike [Ealy], Kevin [Hart], Jerry [Ferrara] and Terrence [Jenkins], I think my character is the most talked-about. Over the course of this movie, it shakes up the snow globe of their marriage. OWEN: Me and my wife did it on our second date, so you don’t gotta wait 90 days. He takes things and runs with them, whether it’s correct or incorrect, and I do that in real life.

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The ensemble comedy Think Like a Man, inspired by Steve Harvey’s best-selling book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, was a huge hit, naturally leading to a sequel that will be bringing all of the couples back for a wedding in Las Vegas, when it hits theaters on June 20, what was supposed to be a romantic weekend goes terribly awry when their various misadventures, and the bachelor and bachelorette parties, get them into some compromising situations that threaten to derail the big event.Hall will play DDA Eva Price, a gorgeous and brainy bombshell with a strong sense of moral rectitude.The two join previously cast Skeet Ulrich, Alfred Molina, Terrence Howard, Corey Stoll.Our writers are so fantastic, as is our director and our producers. With everybody’s characters, I could really relate and say, “Wow, I know people like that,” or “I’ve been that person.” So, to see it now and to track where they’re going, I think for our audience, it’s something they’ll have a need for and want.We had such a great team around us that I feel like people actually want to see where these characters are going to go and what’s going to happen next in their story. Relationship movies can be cheesy and corny, but nobody wants to address real situations, and that’s one that we’ve addressed here.One of the funnest parts of this film is getting to see different characters interact that never got a chance to do so, in the first one. I had a whole other visual in my head, other than [Wendi]. What part of your character’s development or what aspect of their personality do you identify with the most?

Even for us guys, we haven’t seen a lot of the stuff that the girls are filming, so ‘’m excited to see the dailies with Meagan [Good] and Raji [Henson] and Gabby [Union] and Regina [Hall] and Wendi [Mc Lendon-Covey] and La La [Anthony] together. Mc LENDON-COVEY: Tish and Bennett have been married a long time, and we see the world through khaki-colored glasses. HART: With Cedric, it’s the whole misinterpretation thing.

I completely trusted the writers and their sensibility to give a realistic depiction of that, and they have. Can each of you talk about the arc or journey your character takes in the film?

So, as a result of that, I’m happy to be here again. GOOD: Mya and Zeke have been together for awhile now, and they’re doing really well, except that Zeke’s past keeps rearing its ugly head. And then, in terms of our level of our commitment, there are constant questions, so we feel like we’re not seeing eye-to-eye. EALY: With most of the couples in the sequel, it’s all about the maturation process of the relationship.

I think her character plays out a lot with all the women. This is real life, I met her, and the same night that I met her, I called her.

Jenifer [Lewis] isn’t here, but you’re going to see her interact with all of the women. She said, “I just met you, and you’re calling me an hour later? I didn’t want to wait.” So, I went in, and I freaked her out.

co-star Regina Hall have landed the last regular roles on the crime procedural, which starts production on Monday.