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This unfettered future was the promise of my time and place.You and Me (released the same year Title IX was passed, also the year of my birth).

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Teens Only - Range of Emotions " Free Vibe: positive peer reinforcement and highlights the benefits of a drug-free lifestyle Character Counts: the biggest character education program in the nation Volunteering: provides opportunities to volunteer at non-profit organizations.Events in four categories: sky, sea, mountain and land. Information on healthy eating habits and good nutrition; diaries excerpts of young, contemporary female role models and tips for maintaining one's one diary; interviews with famous adult women; and general information on sports and fitness.g Funky online community for girls with a stellar sports section. The site is also interactive in that it presents activities, games and puzzles; a forum for girls to submit their opinions on guided topics; and links to other sites.Al-anon / Alateen: for families and friends of alcoholics.Contact USA : crisis intervention and telephone helpline for teens.The Girlsite Network Girls on the Net who speak their minds, share their ideas and make lasting friendships.

Technological access and training; opportunities for creative expression, and a forum for sharing. Covers important current events, health issues, and cultural differences that impact teens. Founded by the National Museum of Women in the Arts and the American Bar Association Juvenile Justice Center among others.

Recent years have seen an explosion of male joblessness and a steep decline in men’s life prospects that have disrupted the “romantic market” in ways that narrow a marriage-minded woman’s options: increasingly, her choice is between deadbeats (whose numbers are rising) and playboys (whose power is growing).

Right Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, the author of Why There Are No Good Men Left, on the challenges facing today's single women Let's Call the Whole Thing Off The author is ending her marriage.

Teen Wire Teens private place on the Internet to get information and news about teen sexuality, sexual health, and relationships. Is the national public education campaign sponsored by the U. Scholarship information, sports descriptions and features on female athletes.

XGIRLSPORT Extreme sports opportunities and events for girls.

Kids Can Make A Difference Anyone Can Be a Hero Cyberathlete Professional League Youth as Resources: provides grants to young people to design and carry out service projects that address social problems in the community.