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Michelle drags Rita out of her house and into Mavis's car, and takes her to Sue's flat to confront them both, with Bob now in tow.

However, her drunken father is waiting for her in the living room, holding a half a snooker cue, threatening to "wrap it round [her] neck".After their night out, Bob and Michelle start arguing again, this time in front of Rita and Sue who desperately try not to laugh.Michelle takes her anger out on them and tells them to stop laughing. Grumpily, Rita and Sue make their own way home, unhappy that Bob can't take them in his car and have sex with them again.Later, Rita and Sue skip school to go and meet Bob, hoping to make up for the previous night, but Bob can't get an erection, embarrassing himself and leaving Rita and Sue unsatisfied.He takes them out to a club instead, where Michelle's best friend Mavis happens to be, and spots Bob with the girls.Months later, Sue finds out that Rita has miscarried, and visits her in the hospital.

On the way out, Bob approaches Sue and invites her for another escapade.

That night, Michelle decides to let Bob have sex with her to stop him going off with other women, but it goes badly.

The next day, on a school trip, Sue gets into a fight with a classmate who calls her a "slag" (British slang for slut) because she is rumoured to be seeing a married man.

Michelle blames the girls for being slutty, but Sue retorts that the reason Bob cheats on her is because she doesn't have enough sex with him.

Michelle turns on Bob, goes home, ransacks the house, and she and their children leave in a taxi, never to return.

Sue refuses, saying she's staying faithful to Aslam, whom she's now living with.